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Cold Storage.

A solar-powered cold storage technology to prevent post-harvest losses

of perishable crops.

The Global Menace.
Post-harvest Losses
Globally, 1.3 billion tons of food is lost each year. (UN, FAO)

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Post-harvest Losses of vegetables and fruits occur at all points in the supply chain from post-production storage to the food being placed on a plate for consumption.


UNEP estimates that a staggering 15% of food waste related CO2 emissions come from inefficiency in post-harvest cold chains.

Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have been found to lose as much as 36 percent of their total harvested food, with up to 94 percent of these losses attributed to inefficient supply chains.

The Problem
About AkoFresh
Here is What We Offer.

The Solution.
Smart Solar-Powered Cool Box
For smallholder farmers and traders.

Our IoT enabled mobile off-grid cold storage preservation technology is made of cold room panels, solar panels, sensors, a compressor and an air cooler. This cooling technology extends shelf life of  perishable crops from the usual 5-day period to 21 days.

Farmers appreciate our technology because it helps them extend shelf life of their crops and reduce wastage. During the storage period, farmers will be able to find buyers or middlemen to sell their crops to. Due to this extended time not only would farmers be able to find someone to buy their produce, but they can also use their time to ensure that the buyer is offering them a fair price.